Using XSellco Fusion

Once you are set up, click on the Messages tab to see the messages that need attention.

Note: Historical eBay messages are archived (marked as resolved) as soon as your channel has been configured.  For Amazon, only new customer emails received will appear after you configure email forwarding.

The main difference with the new interface is the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.


  1. Folders: Create folders to organize your tickets by labels and ticket types.
  2. My Tickets: Tickets that have been assigned to you.
  3. Needs Action: Total number of tickets that have not had a reply.
  4. Awaiting customer: Customers that have yet to respond to you.
  5. On hold: Tickets that are scheduled for later or are waiting for a response from a third party.
  6. Recently updated: Recently updated tickets by Agents.
  7. Resolved: Tickets that have been resolved and closed.
  8. Bookmarks: Tickets that have been ‘starred’ or bookmarked.
  9. Label types: List of all label types.




  1. Assigned Agents to a ticket
  2. Channel name and country
  3. Customer name
  4. Label Type
  5. Message information: Message history and content
  6. Search for ticket or order
  7. Create a new ticket
  8. Ticket type
  9. Time remaining to reply


When you click into a message you get to see the full message thread of the full correspondence with a particular customer.



If the query is related to a specific product you can also see the product in question and link to the listing on eBay.

Using XSellco Fusion (3)

If the query is related to a particular order, we also link to the eBay and Amazon order so you can see what was ordered and when, and what date you market it as despatched.

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  • By Anna Golonka -

    Is there any way to group messages? If we communicate with clients from Amazon, ebay and online-shop, they all are just shown in the Messages-Board. They have on the left the sign of a particular marketplace, but still the visibility is limited and a little too chaotic to really work effectively. Are there any options to group messages according to the marketplace?
    Thanks in advance

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