Navigating the XSellco Dashboard

Navigating the dashboard

Thanks for signing up to the XSellco repricer. You can log in to your dashboard here


Dashboard overview:

1 – Primary Navigation: This provides you with access to the various features of your XSellco software.

2 – Dashboard Stats: Here you will be provided with a snapshot of your business and repricing performance.

3 – Date Range: This allows you to select what time frame applies to the data on your dashboard.




The navigation bar is broken into two parts, the primary navigation and the sub navigation (highlighted yellow). The primary navigation outlines the features available within your XSellco software, and the sub navigation breaks down the functions within each feature. In the example shown, we have clicked the repricer tab, and the sub navigation shows all the features available in the repricer.

Please note that some features may be displayed in your menu, but not available on your existing package. If this is the case, then you will automatically be redirected to an upgrade page.

Dashboard Stats:


Your dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your business and repricing activities over a given time period (See next section). It provides you with data on your sales, orders, order values as well as configured SKU’s and the items that still require configuration (for assistance with configuring your repricer, #visit our configuration guide##Guide requires login to view). It will also show you whether your current performance is up or down against the previous period.

Time period:


This section allows you to update the time period on which your dashboard data is based. By selecting the dropdown, you can choose to view your data by day, week or month or else pick a custom date range to display.  



This heat-map shows the times when you receive orders. The darker the cell, the more orders you received in that period.

You can hover over a cell to see more details.

The drop-down menu lets you select the order type you would like to see on the heat-map


Sales per channel:


The pie chart shows the proportion of orders in each channel type.

The table shows your sale analysed by channel.

  • Sold – Total number of sales orders.
  • Value – Total value of sales orders.
  • % – Percentage of total order value.


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