Create and Manage Folders

Using folders is one of the great ways to organize your inbox in Xsellco, and give your customer support process more structure. By creating rules to assign folders to certain agents, or automatically send messages into folders, you can keep your team working with maximum efficiency!

Let’s go through the simple steps to creating and managing folders in Xsellco.

1. Create a Folder

  • While logged into your account, select the ‘Messages’ tab at the top of the screen, and click ‘Folders’ in the left side Menu.


  • You will already have some folders in your account by default, which have been grouped under the name ‘Labels’. You can rename or delete any of these folders, or you can also rename the entire ‘Labels’ group to a different group name.


  •  To add a new folder, click the ‘New Folder’ button in the top right corner.
  • Choose the name of the folder, and the group you would like your folder to nest under (to create a new group, see step number 2 below)
  • Choose the color and icon you would like to represent your folder and hit ‘Save’.


2. Group your Folders

To keep your inbox organized and your team super efficient, you can create as many folder groups and add as many folders as you like.

  • To add a new folder group, click the drop down box beside the ‘New Folder’ button, and select ‘New Folder Group’.
  • Name your folder group and hit ‘Save’.



  • Your Folder group is now saved. To add folders to the group, simply click the “New Folder’ button at the top and choose your new Folder Group.


  • As you can see, the folder I just created now appears under my new Folder Group.



3. Putting tickets into Folders

  • To place a ticket in a certain folder, click on a ticket and go the order information section on the right. At the bottom, click ‘+ Assign folders’ and select the group and folder you would like to put your ticket in.
  • You can also automatically assign messages to certain folders in the ‘Rules’ section (in the left side Menu) within your Messages dashboard.


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