How to integrate Allegro with Fusion.

Want to connect Fusion with one of the largest and fastest growing marketplaces in Europe?  We provide an integration to Allegro, the leading online marketplace in Poland. Simply following the steps below to connect your account.

By connecting your Allegro account, you can receive and respond to customer queries and support questions directly through Fusion. View all your new tickets in the message dashboard. When a ticket is received, simply click on the ticket in the dashboard to respond. You can also use the Sales Insights tab to search and locate orders by email address, marketplace, etc. and create tickets to respond directly to customers with all order details attached.

Connecting your account with Allegro is easy. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step 1

  • Log into your XSellco account.
  • Click the “Settings” button located under the ‘Account Settings’ dropdown menu.


Step 2

You will now be brought to the settings page.

  • Click “Channels” on the left menu bar
  • And select “Add a Channel’ in the top right corner.
  • Select “Allegro” from the Channel dropdown menu.
  • Click “Next Step” to begin.

Select Allegro from dropdown

Step 3

Once clicked, you’ll be brought to the Allegro integration wizard. Follow the steps and enter your Allegro details.

Section 1 – Enter some channel details:

Allegro wizard step 1

  • Channel Title – Give your channel a name.
  • Support email – set it to on or off.
  • Location – set your country
  • Currency – select your currency.

Section 2 – Now enter your Allegro login details.

Allegro wizard step 2

Enter your:

  • Username – Your Allegro Email Address
  • Password – Your Allegro Login Password
  • API Key – Enter your Allegro API Key. This key can be found by logging into your Allegro account here, and retrieving your Key (see screenshot below).

Allegro API Key

Section 3 – Enter your chosen name and email signature.

Allegro wizard step 3

Once you’re happy with your details, click ‘Finish” to add this channel.

Step 4

Once the channel is created, you can configure and edit your details it to your liking. You can also set up your email forwarding so that you can receive your messages from Allegro.

In ‘Settings’, select ‘Channels and click on the Allegro channel details you just added. Here you can make any edits if necessary.

Below this, you have your Fusion channel details. This is where you will find your XSellco Fusion email address which allows you to set up email forwarding. Copy your Fusion email and add it into your email client as a forwarding email address.

Allegro email forwarding fusion

Next fill in and set details for:

  • Email from name
  • Email signature
  • Auto-translate active
  • SLA response time – Always respond within guidelines
  • Email API enabled addresses.
  • In receiving mode – Select either ‘POP3’ to receive and send emails directly from your email server or ‘Receive emails sent to the channels XSellco Fusion Address’. POP3 – Fusion can send and receive emails from any POP3 enabled account. Forwarding – Select ‘Receive emails sent to the channels XSellco Fusion Address’ to forward any incoming messages to Fusion from your mail client.
  • Email address
  • Forwarding address – A copy of each incoming email will be forwarded to this email address
  • BCC Outgoing emails
  • Sending Mode.

Once all your fields are set, click ‘Save Changes’. Success, you are now setup and your messages will start to arrive in the Fusion dashboard.

Step 5

After you have configured your channel, whenever a new message is received it will be displayed as ticket within the dashboard.

Allegro ticket

Simply click on the ticket on the ticket to responding to the customer. If you receive another ticket from the same customer, the tickets will be grouped together so you can keep track of all communication.

Step 6

Use the Sales Insights tab, if you wish to view an order and send a message to a customer with the order details attached. To do this:

  • Copy the customer email address into the search order field.
  • Click on the order you wish to create a ticket.
  • Once in the message window, you can see the customer & order details on the right hand side.
  • Add your text and any internal / external message.
  • When happy click send.
  • The customer & order details will now be attached with all future correspondence for this customer.

Got some questions about the Allegro integration? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us at

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