How to create a merchant exception

What are merchant exceptions? 

When creating your own custom repricer you have the option to add Competitor Rules.

Within these rules you can define how you compete against a specific seller (or Amazon), based upon their Merchant ID. This gives you the power to target specific sellers on Amazon and create rules for competing with them.


There are three options you can choose within this field;

  • Include all: this is the default setting and will apply the rule you are making to every competitor.
  • Include the following: entering merchants on this setting will include only the specific merchants you have listed.
  • Ignore the following: merchants listed in this setting will not be included when this rule is being applied.


How do I find a merchant ID?

To find the merchant ID of a seller just type their merchant name, followed by “@ Amazon” into Google.

E.g. “XSellco @ Amazon

The results will show a link to the merchant’s Amazon storefront in the following format: XSellco @ Amazon.

There is a link underneath, which looks like this:

The merchant ID is the 14 unit code (made up of both numbers and letters) beginning with A, at the end of the link.

Copy and paste this ID into the merchant exceptions field in competitors rules and define how you wish to compete against them.

To compete against amazon type AMAZON into the merchant ID field and when adding multiple merchants to the list, put each merchant ID on a new line.