How To Customize XSellco Price Manager’s New User Interface

We’ve given Price Manager a new facelift to enhance the user experience.
The new streamlined interface makes navigation more intuitive and responsive, whether on desktop, mobile or tablet.

You can customize your applications with your company’s branding, and adjust data tables to better suit your business needs.


Customize Your Price Manager

Customize the Look with Company Branding

Adjust the user interface to reflect your company branding, or create a look and feel that you enjoy working with.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select ‘Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to ‘UI’
  4. Enter the colors that you wish to customize
    • Brand main color
    • Secondary color
    • Background color
    • Default text color
    • Link color




Customize the font size and font type by selecting the dropdown



Customize Tables

In Price Manager, customize data tables to suit your business needs.

Click on the ‘Customize table layout’ button to search and add or remove any columns that you do not require.

You can also rearrange columns and have all the necessary information you require right at your fingertips.


What’s New in Price Manager?

Price Manager Goes Beyond Repricing

Price Manager has launched powerful new features that go above and beyond the possibilities of a repricer.

New features in Price Manager enable online sellers to take action to increase profits by winning the Buy Box more often.
You can now track your competitors’ pricing strategy, spot opportunities to win the Buy Box and grow your business.

‘Tracking’ Feature

XSellco Price Manager’s new interface includes the powerful new Tracking feature. Tracking gives you actionable insights into the price movements of your SKUs over time, who is winning the Buy Box, and a detailed analysis of each of your SKUs and so much more.

Identify trends in your price changes, how your competitors react to your price changes, and your percentage of Buy Box ownership versus your competitors.

With this valuable information, you can then adjust your repricing strategy to own the Buy Box more often.

Learn more about Tracking.

Tracking dashboard


‘Reports’ gives you actionable insights into your product pricing strategy, highlights where you are currently losing the Buy Box and offers you the tools and knowledge you need to compete.

Identify products that could be sold at a higher profit, monitor sales increases and decreases and determine changing sales trends for your products.

Observe your sales velocity, pricing bounds, stock levels and fulfillment and take action to position your SKUs for the Buy Box.

Learn more about Price Manager’s Reports in our user guide.



Win the Buy Box more often by actively targeting your rivals.

Price Manager’s ‘Competitors’ feature provides online sellers with a comprehensive view of your most aggressive competitors.

Watch competitor pricing trends and behaviors and take action by tailoring your pricing rules to beat them to the Buy Box.

Learn more about the ‘Competitors’ feature with our user guide.

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