Where can I find delivery tracking codes?



Tracking codes allow your buyers to check delivery progress themselves. This reduces the number of support calls that you get. When available, the tracking code is provided as a SmartTag – Simply enter #tracking_code# as you type your reply.


Tip: Try #tr for fast search.

Note: If there’s no tracking code then ‘not available’  is shown instead of the code.


View tracking codes for eBay and Amazon support queries

eBay provide a tracking code for each order when available. Simply set the code using your existing order management software. Fusion will retrieve it as normal from eBay along with all the other order information.

Amazon does not provide the tracking code currently but may do so in the future. You can, however, click straight through to the order on Amazon to retrieve the code:


Also, if you have an in-house software developer then you can, however, import the codes using the approach below.


API developer support

To bulk set tracking codes for your Amazon orders you need to POST a file to the following endpoint:


The file should be CSV format as follows:

      124,123-1234567-8901234,ABCD1235,Royal Mail

where channel is the API ID of the sales marketplace. You can find this by clicking on the channel at Settings > Amazon:


order is the Amazon order ID in this format XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX

tracking_code is the tracking code (up to 64 characters)

carrier is the name of the shipping company (up to 64 characters)

All fields are mandatory.


API usage example
Create a CSV file called yourfile.csv and post the data using curl  as follows:

curl –user username:password –request POST –data-binary @yourfile.csv https://api.xsellco.com/v1/orders/tracking-upload

Where username and password are from one of your registered users.

Tip: Create a dummy user for API access at Settings > Users