Hover, filter, thread and delete [features]

New Replymanager Features

Do you want a quick way to see the last customer interaction in a message, without having to go into the message thread?

Now you can with ReplyManager’s new ‘hover-over’ feature.

Hover-over for most recent message

This allows you to see the most recent customer interaction from the Messages dashboard, simply by hovering your cursor over the Email ID.

New Replymanager features

Now you can check the latest message in a conversation without needing to leave your Messages inbox. The most recent message will appear – whether it’s a query from a customer or a response from your support team.

We have also added more useful features to help you manage eCommerce customer support in the best way possible.

These new features include:

Message filters

Filter your messages by status so you can see what’s urgent. This filter will remain in place for all of your folders.

NEw Replymanager messages feature

Thread messages

Tie separate emails from the same customer together easily.

This feature is set to off by default, but can be activated in Channel Settings.

New Replymanager thread feature
Delete messages

Quickly remove the messages you don’t need anymore quickly.

New Replymanager delete messages

Sidebar options

Choose how the appearance and options of the left sidebar in ReplyManager.

You can select a simplified sidebar style, add eBay resolutions center and choose to show the ‘catch-all’ option in the sidebar.

New Replymanager sidebarSee a preview of how these options will appear in ReplyManager below.
New Replymanager folder

To turn these options on, go to Account Settings.

ReplyManager will keep improving to help you deliver awesome customer support.

If you have any feedback on this feature, please let us know by contacting support@replymanager.com.