Activating Default Rule to Start Requesting Feedback

One of the most exciting functionality features of High5 is its ability for you to intuitively customise your feedback requests by setting up rules so as to make sure you send the best message to the right customer. You can read about how to create new templates and rules using our advanced options and filters, but for your convenience we have made a default message that you can simply turn on and start using right away.


To begin, click on High5 in the top navigation bar. This automatically brings you to the Orders tab and displays your pending messages that are due to be sent as your orders are fulfilled.

When you first log in (or subsequently log in unless you edit it) a default rule is available for you  to use if you wish to set up quickly and start requesting feedback. To view and configure this message, click on Rules and then click on Default under the Rule Name heading (see Fig 2) below.


Fig 2


This default message is designed so that you can start messaging your customers to encourage them to leave you feedback. All you have to do is make it active. To do this, simply click on Testing (blue field, see Fig 3 below) and select Active. Then at the bottom on the screen press Save Changes and this message will be automatically sent to all customers 5 days after their order was dispatched. It’s that easy.

Default Message

Fig 3

While we have created this message for your convenience, we strongly recommend you make the message yours, and modify the default message to reflect the personality of your brand. You can edit these messages using our own editor or using your own HTML code. You can add images and your company logo to the message. We recommend you start in Testing mode before choosing to select Active. In testing mode sample emails get sent to the email address used to register the account and not your customers. Only when you are happy that the product is working should you move from Testing to Active


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  • By Thomas Neroda -

    I am not able to activate feedback. Your Activating Default Rule to Start Requesting Feedback does not seem to match the High5 screens. Need help. What am I doing wrong?

    Thomas Neroda

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