ReplyManager Folders and Rules

The new folders and rules features allow you to organize your inbox and increase the efficiency and quality of your customer responses.

In the hierarchy of folder classes, ‘Folder Groups’ are defined as the parent class and ‘Folders’ are the child class.

Folder Groups are used to categorize incoming messages that relate to a particular business area, so that your agents can identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately, for example ‘Amazon issues’.  Folders are used to highlight specific issues such as, ‘Refund’, Damaged Products’, ‘No Delivery’, ‘Late Shipment’, etc.
Using Rules, you can assign tickets and identify the follow-up actions that can be attached to each Folder Group based on the ticket query.

Create a Folder Group

Step 1

  1. Log into your ReplyManager account
  2. Select the ‘Messages’ tab at the top of the screen
  3. To view your Folders, navigate to the menu on the left.
  4. Select ‘Folders’.
  5. In the Folders screen, you will see a list of default Folders.

These are your Folder Groups. ‘Folder Groups’ are the parent class to ‘Folders’


Step 2

  1. Click ‘+ New Folder Group’.
  2. Enter name of Folder.
  3. Click ‘Create Folder Group’

Add Folder

Folders are the child class of its parent class ‘Folder Groups’

Folders speed up the customer management process by allowing you to classify a ticket or mark it for special attention. Folders add specification to certain ticket issues, such as Refund’, Damaged Products’, ‘No Delivery’, ‘Late Shipment’, etc.

The message dashboard shows you how many tickets have been labelled and which folder has been used. These organizational tools give you the power to optimize your business by greatly improving your customer experience.

From within the Folders screen:

  1. Select a Folder Group
  2. Click ‘New Folder’


  1. Enter Folder name
  2. Choose the Folder Group that it belongs to.
  3. Select Folder colour
  4. Select appropriate icon
  5. Click ‘Save Changes’



Edit a Folder Group and Add or Edit a Folder

  1. From the Folders screen, click on the relevant folder
  2. Here you can edit the name, add a new folder and give your folder a new icon.
  3. On completion, click ‘Save Changes’.

Assign an Agent to a Folder

You can assign agents to folders using the following steps:

  1. On the ‘Messages’ homepage, navigate to the left sidebar.
  2. Click a Folder name.
  3. Check the ‘Select All’ radio button on the top navigation bar
  4. Click ‘Assign’ button and select the relevant team members from the drop down menu.

Your agent(s) is now assigned to a Folder group.


Add Folders to Tickets and Edit Status

Notify your agents of a ticket issue, or its urgency, by changing the current folder and ticket status.

  1. Go to Message Dashboard and select a ticket
  2. On the right side bar, scroll down to ‘Folders’ and click ‘Edit’
  3. Select the relevant Folder and status for the ticket from the dropdown menu.

You agent will be notified of the status of the query.



Setting Rules and assigning team members is a crucial aspect of assigning tickets to folders.
When a rule has been created and you have received a new support ticket, ReplyManager will trigger an action that will assign the ticket to your designated folder and team member(s).

The ‘Usage Conditions’ that you have set, will match the ticket to your selected criteria and will automatically filter messages into the next step of required actions. When the ticket matches the pre-defined criteria, use ‘Actions’ to assign the ticket to folders and agents.
Select options such as ticket type, ticket marketplace, product SKU and more.

On the Rules page, you can create new Rules or edit existing ones. You can set up as many combinations and options as required.

Create a Rule

Step 1: Rule Name

  1. Click on the Message dashboard from the top navigation bar
  2. Select ‘Rules’ from the left side menu.


  1. Click ‘Add Rule’ to add a new Rule.
  2. Name the Rule and set it to ‘active’.


Step 2: Conditions

‘Conditions’ match the ticket to your selected criteria. Choose the relevant options from the dropdown menu. Please refer to examples outlined below.


Step 3: Actions

Under ‘Actions’ you can assign the following:

  1. Assign the ticket to a folder
  2. Assign it to a team member(s)
  3. Change ticket status
  4. To remove an action or click ‘x’ on the action name.
  5. Click ‘Create Rule’ to save.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 21.01.19


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