How to streamline your inbox with Folders, Labels & Rules

The new Folders, Labels and Rules features allow you to organize your inbox and increase the efficiency and quality of your customer responses.

Labels act like a sub-folder within the Folder group. For example, you could create a Folder Group for an Amazon channel and within this master folder, you can create labels for specific queries such as ‘Refund’, Damaged Products’, ‘No Delivery’, ‘Late Shipment’, etc. Then using ‘Rules’, you can assign Tickets to each label based on the Ticket query, as well as assign an agent to the ticket. Each ticket will then be assigned to the label and the agent will be notified (all tickets with a label can be found under their Label heading on the main message dashboard).

Create a Folder

Step 1

Log into your Fusion account

  • Select the ‘Messages’ tab at the top of the screen
  • To view your Folders, click the Settings cog on the right of the top navigation bar
  • Select ‘Folders’.
  • In the Folders screen, you will see a list of defaulted Folders.

select folder

Step 2

  • Click ‘+ New Folder Group’.
  • Enter name of Folder.
  • Click ‘Create Folder Group’

Add Label

After you have created a Folder Group, you can begin to add labels to it. Labels behave exactly like sub-folders.

  • From within the Folders screen, click on a folder.
  • Enter a Label name
  • Select a Label colour
  • Select appropriate icon
  • Click ‘Save Changes’

add a label

Edit a Folder and Add / Edit a Label.

  • From the Folders screen, click on the relevant folder.
  • Here you can edit the name, add a new Label and give your folder a new icon.
  • On completion, click ‘Save Changes’.

Assign an Agent to a Folder

You can assign agents to folders using the following steps:

  • On the ‘Messages’ homepage, navigate to the left sidebar.
  • Check the ‘Select All’ radio button on the top navigation bar
  • Click ‘Assign’ button and select the relevant team members from the drop down menu.

assign user

Your agent(s) is now assigned to a Folder group. You can also assign agents to folders from with Tickets which will check out below.


Setting Rules and assigning team members is essential to sorting Tickets to folders.
When a Rule has been created and you have received a new support Ticket, Fusion will trigger an action that will assign the Ticket to your designated folder and team member(s).


On the Rules page, you can create new Rules or edit existing ones. You can set up as many combinations and options as required.

Create a Rule

  • Click on ‘Settings’ on the top navigation bar.
  • Select ‘Rules’ from the dropdown menu.

select Rules

  • Click ‘Create new Rule’ to add a new Rule.
  • Name the Rule and set it to ‘active’.


  • ‘Conditions’ match the Ticket to your selected criteria. Choose the relevant options from the dropdown menu.

Set Rule Conditions
Under ‘Actions’ you can assign the following:

  • Assign the Ticket to a Folder
  • Assign it to a team member(s)
  • Change Ticket status

assign labels and agents

  • To remove an action or click ‘x’ on the action name.
  • Click ‘Create Rule’ to save.

Add Labels & Edit Status within a Ticket.

Notify your agents of a Ticket issue or urgency by changing the current Label and Ticket status.

  • Go to Messages Homepage and select a ‘Ticket’.
  • On the right side bar beside ‘Folders’ click ‘Edit’
  • Scroll through the dropdown menu and tick the relevant Label and status for the Ticket.

Assign labels in Tickets

Your agent will be notified of the status of the query

Assign an Agent within a Ticket.

You can also assign agents from directly with a ticket.

  • Go to Messages Homepage and select a ‘Ticket’.
  • On the top bar, you will find the ‘Assign User’ dropdown.
  • Click on the box to assign a user.

Assign agents in Tickets


You can assign users to Fusion by going to account settings, clicking on ‘Users’ and enter the details.

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.

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