How to earn more Affiliate referrals

Recommending SaaS Products

When selling SaaS products it can be difficult to acclimatise to the extended sale process. Every single XSellco customer is given a two week trial period to see if the software suits their needs and will be of benefit and value to their company and we don’t lock customers into contracts – meaning that they can cancel their subscription at any time. For this reason, hard sells just don’t fit our business model and instead we pursue a very information-driven sales approach to ensure that customers don’t waste valuable time and frustration.

While we think our products are fantastic, it’s important that we be pragmatic in our sales approach. Here are some simple and effective ways that you can refer the right XSellco product, to the right customers, and bring value to everyone in the partnership.

Share Content on Social Media

Sharing ready-made content on social media is a very easy way to make referrals as well as share interesting ideas and news with your followers. XSellco produces a wide variety of content on all areas of eCommerce, so sharing a blog or article on a subject which is relevant to your audience is a great way to bring them value. XSellco provide links with your affiliate tracking built in, so any referrals who sign for a trial through the link will be attributed to your affiliate account.

Share Product Demos

Who knows a product or service better than the company which supplies it? You can take advantage of XSellco’s product expertise and share ready-made product demos with interested customers. It’s a great tool to use when telling someone about the products and can feel easier to fit into a busy work day than arranging a demo. If after seeing the video they are interested in learning more or a tour of the products, they can sign up for a group demo with one of XSellco’s Customer Success Agents here.

Show Advertisements on Your Website

This is the most hassle-free method of making referrals and how many affiliates get started. In your Affiliate Portal you can find a range of ready-made ads for all XSellco products, which you can embed into your website. Your affiliate referral tracking is built into the code, so every time a customer clicks on an ad and signs for a trial it will be attributed to your account. Super easy!

Face to Face Referrals

It’s well known that there is nothing more trusted than a personal referral from a peer, especially in the world of eCommerce where feedback reigns supreme. Events, conferences and meetups are where active industry members go to find out what’s going on in the world of eCommerce and quite often, to search for a solution to a problem or to share and ask advice of others. As well as being a great opportunity to network, they provide a fantastic opportunity to recommend a product or service to the right customer. It’s a really good platform to ensure that you both understand the needs of the customer, by having plenty of time to ask questions, it also ensures that you recommend the right solution for that business.

Share Promo Codes

Everybody likes to know they’re getting a little something extra and promo codes are a brilliant way of sharing with customers. We want to provide you with the best possible tools to make a successful referral and are happy to arrange personal promo codes to give your customers extended trials, so they have plenty of time to get to know the software pressure-free.

Blog Articles

If you already have subscription base then blogging is one of the simplest ways to promote a product or service. When a problem strikes, many turn to the online community first for advice and a solution. All the best products solve a problem, and blogging is a great way to help them sing the solution, while also including advice on a tool or service which could help. It’s important to remember though, that one size doesn’t fit all, so if you’re going for a soft sales pitch make sure that product descriptions are accurate when describing functionality. Make sure you also bring value to the reader by including important information and advice they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A glowing testimonial from a happy customer is second only to a direct face to face referral. There’s a good reason that companies plaster their websites with customer reviews and testimonials – customer want to get the low-down from someone who’s already been there, done that! Sharing a testimonial or including it in a review, blog or video about a product is a good way to boost confidence in the tool and add credibility to the solution.

Make a Review Video

Making a review video is a great way to reach audiences on other channels, such as YouTube. It’s also an effective way of using your own personality and thoughts to show your favourite aspects of a tool you’re recommending.

A video which includes screen shares and your own personal commentary brings a new dimension to a demo and connects with customers on a more personal level.