Creating and using Bookmarks

Bookmarking tickets is an easy way to keep certain queries in one place so that you can access them quickly. Creating Bookmarks allows you to save tickets so that you can attend to them at a later date, or simply keep an eye on a few important queries at one time.

1. To create a Bookmark, go to Messages > My Bookmarks in the left side menu.

Adding a bookmark

By default, you will already one Bookmark labelled ‘Starred’, but you can create as many Bookmark labels as you like.

2. Name your new Bookmark, and select a colour and icon to represent it.

In the example below, we would like to add a Bookmark for tickets that need to be refunded, so that we can deal with them later.

Creating a new bookmark

3. Hit Save Changes.

4. Go to the ticket that you would like to save, click on the star icon in the top left corner, and select the Bookmark that you would like to assign your ticket to.

select your bookmark

5. In My Bookmarks, select the Bookmark that you would like to view.

my bookmarks section

6. Once you have finished dealing with each query in your Bookmarks section, you can remove it from your Bookmarks by going back to the star icon in the top left corner of the ticket and deselecting the relevant Bookmark.

removing bookmarks


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