Creating a repricing rule

Xsellco Repricer combines the ability to create flexible rules with the right data so you can gain control over your pricing like never before. Repricer lets you reprice according to all possible marketplace conditions, to let you win the Buy Box against every type of rival.

You can create as many rules as you like to target specific products, markets and competitors. Once you have created a repricer rule, you can assign a repricer to any channel or add specific rules for individual products using Bulk Uploads or dashboard filters.

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Create a repricing rule that you can assign to any product range or channel.
  • Create a rule to target competitor conditions.

In Repricer, there are a couple of default rules which have been set up for you and are ready to be used straight away. You can go into any of the default rules, change the name and edit these at any time by going to the My Repricers section of your dashboard.

Create a repricing rule

  1. To create your own rule from scratch go to My Repricers, select the Create a Repricer button in the top right corner.

Now, let’s go through the different conditions for your rule:

  • Repricer Name: Give your repricer a name so that you can distinguish it in your repricer list e.g. Amazon Spain Default Rule
  • Is Active?: Make sure to activate the rule so that you can assign it to your chosen products when you’re done.
  • Default Pricing Rule: Choose the default amount or percent that you would like to keep your prices above or below the competition. Note that if your competition prices outside your min or max limits, you will always stay within your set price range, meaning your default pricing rule will not kick in.
  • Min/Max Price: Repricer Ultimate customers have the option to reprice according to their Min/Max price, Net Margin, Cost Price and RRP for even more control over the profit made on every sale. Click Manually assign min/max if you would like to reprice only according to the min/max prices you have set.

Select Show Advanced Options to access the fields below:

  • If Buy Box winner?: This gives you the option to change how your repricer behaves when you have won the Buy Box. For example, you can choose to increase your prices make some extra profit while you own the Buy Box. Once you no longer own the Buy Box, your repricer will revert back to normal.
  • Used listings: If you sell used products, you can choose here whether to compete with both new and used products, or only to compete only with used products so that you have better chances of winning the Buy Box.
  • Featured merchants: Here you can choose to include or exclude Featured Merchants from the competition.
  • Out of bounds sellers: You can choose to ignore sellers who consistently price out of your min and max price ranges. For example, if a seller always price lower than your minimum, you can exclude these sellers to avoid your prices being dragged down to your minimum.
  • Ignore the following merchants: Paste the Merchant ID of any specific sellers you would like to ignore. Include one Merchant ID per line. To find the Merchant ID, go to your competitor’s storefront on Amazon and copy the string of letters and numbers in front of “seller=” in the URL.


  • If no competitors: If there are no competitors on a product, you can choose to increase your price or deactivate repricing completely.
  • Ignore rule: Choose to ignore these rule conditions in favor of your competitor rule (explained below in ‘Create a competitor rule’, step 3.)

2. Once you are happy with your rule conditions, select Create Repricer.
3. Now that you have created a rule, you can assign your repricing rule to any of your products.

Create a competitor rule

Once your repricer rule has been created, you can add competitor conditions so you can sell to your strengths by targeting your competitors’ weaknesses.

  1. Go to My Repricers, select your rule and click Create Competitor Rule2017-05-18_1627
  2. Here you will see a list of various competitor conditions that will allow you to refine your repricing rule even more to target every type of rival.
  3. Choose the conditions that you would like to compete on, and select Create Competitor Rule. If any of these conditions are matched they will work in sync with your default rule conditions, unless you have chosen to ignore your default rule conditions in favor of the competitor rule.


Repricing can be tricky, so if you have questions about any feature of Xsellco Repricer, please get in touch with us at