Connect an Invoice or Label Printer to XSellco

XSellco uses Google Cloud Print to print invoices and labels for your printers, wherever they are located. Simply:

  • Create or sign in to a Google account if your company email is not hosted by Google
  • Install the Google Chrome internet browser on a PC that can access your printers
  • Use Chrome > Settings > Advanced Settings > Google Cloud Print > Manage, to add your printers
  • Share the printer with
  • Email and we will approve the connection of the printer to your XSellco account

Quick Guide

Cloud Print supports Classic and Cloud-Ready printers. Classic printers need a PC running Gmail in order to work. Cloud-Ready printers are widely available and recommended.

  1. When adding printers we recommend you select ‘Automatically register new printers I connect’.printer support 1
  2. To share, go to and share with

printer support 3

Once you have added and shared your printer, you need to add your Printer ID to your XSellco account. To find your Printer ID in Google Cloud Print:

3. Go to Printers in Google Cloud Print. See the fourth sub-heading, Printer ID, and copy it.

printer ID google

4. Go to your XSellco Dashboard > Settings > General and go to Printers on the left-hand side.

printer ID xsellco

And you’re done! Once we’ve approved the printer, you’ll be ready to use your printer seamlessly with for your XSellco services.

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