Configuring the XSellco Basic and Plus repricers


This guide is for configuring the XSellco Basic and Plus Repricers.

We support multiple accounts across Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy.

Creating a basic repricer

To get started, click the Repricer button.  This shows you all of the products which have been imported into XSellco.

Clicking on the name of the product, opens a link to see the product on Amazon.

Clicking on the SKU shows the repricing events just for that product.


Clicking on the “My Repricers” tab brings you to the screen where you create your repricing rules to help you compete intelligently against different types of competitors.

You can create as many repricers as you wish.  Each repricer that you create can have multiple competition rules

Click “Price Manager” and then click “Add Repricer” to display this screen


Configuring the XSellco basic and plus repricers (2)


This screen contains the default catch-all rules.

Create how much you want to be above/below (or match) other sellers as a default rule in this screen.  You can configure this as an amount or as a percentage. Where you configure an amount, it will be based on the currency of the channel.

So if you configure to be below other sellers by 0.01, it will be 1 penny below on, or would be 1 cent below on


Exception handling

Competitor rules allow you to define pricing actions for more specific competition scenarios. For example, if you are non-FBA, and are competing against an FBA merchant, you can create a custom rule for being a certain amount or percentage below this type of seller.


Click ‘Create Competitor Rule’ to display the following menu.


Configuring the XSellco basic and plus repricers (3)


In this area you create the rules which will help you maximise your margins by competing against different sellers in different ways.
You could then create a rule to be above a non-FBA seller with a much lower feedback count than you, as you could win the buy box without being cheaper than some sellers.

You can create as many of these rules as you require to maximise your profitability against different sellers.



Once you have finished creating your rules, and are happy with your repricer configuration, you need to apply the repricer to your inventory lines.

Click the “Repricer” tab.  There are two buttons on the right hand side:

  • Filters
  • Actions

Click the Actions button, then select “Assign Repricer”

Configuring the XSellco basic and plus repricers (7)

this brings up a new dialogue box which allows you to set one of the repricers that you have configured. Note there are two areas which need to be configured

Configuring the XSellco basic and plus repricers (8)

Select repricer:                   Select the name of the repricer you want to apply

Set unset items ?              Select “Yes” to only set the items which have no repricer set
Select “No” to set for all items (i.e. would change the repricer on items with a repricer already set)


If you configure multiple repricers and you want to apply different repricers to different products, you can use the “Filters” button to apply the repricer to only certain groups of products

Click “Filters” and then configure the filters and click Update

Configuring the XSellco basic and plus repricers (9)

The filters include:

Marketplace               Select the marketplace you want to configure for

Status                       Status of the repricer

MLP <=                     My Lowest Price less than or equal to

MLP >=                     My Lowest Price greater than or equal to

MMP <=                    My Maximum Price less than or equal to

MMP >=                    My Maximum Price lgreater than or equal to

ASIN                         The Amazon product identifier

SKU                          Your merchant identifier

Condition                   Condition of your product

Repricer                    Select a repricer configured against a group of products

You can configure any of these in combination with each other to have a very specific set of products that you want to apply a repricer to, e.g. products which have a minimum price of €10 or less


Note: When you register initially only a single channel is shown in your account.  If you have additional channels you want to add, follow this simple guide. If you use the Amazon Price and Quantity to set your inventory then the price field should be blank to allow repricer to set your sale price.

Also, it is important that only Price Manager sets your pricing. If you use an Amazon Price & Quantity file to set your inventory then the price column should be blank.


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