Competitor Insights: User Guide

Competitor Insights is a feature that allows Price Manager customers to view their most aggressive competitors and quickly create tailored rules to beat them. Win the Buy Box more often by actively targeting your rivals.

To access this feature, simply:

  • Log into Price Manager
  • Select ‘Repricer’ at the top of the page
  • Click on ‘Competitors’.


Competitor Insights provides you with an in-depth analysis on how you are performing on a specific Amazon channel. The page is split into two sections, ‘My Marketplace’ and ‘My Competition’.

My Marketplace


In ‘My Marketplace’, you can quickly see the total number of your SKUs that are currently winning the Buy Box, as well as your total number of SKUs with the lowest price. Also presented is the the total number SKUs you have on this channel.

My Competition


The competitive advantage with this new feature is found in the ‘My Competition’ section. Here you have the ability view a list of your top 10 competitors and create rules targeting them individually.

On the left hand side of the section, your competitors will be listed in order, from strongest competitor downwards. In the above example, Amazon is my strongest competitor.

Click on any of your competitors and view their listing details and shipping rates on Amazon. You can also view the number of reviews each seller has received.

Losing the Buy Box

Here you can access and view your SKUs which your competitors are currently beating you on.


On the ‘SKUs’ column, by clicking on the ‘SKU’ number in blue, you will be brought to the products page and be presented with the list of SKUs that are losing the Buy Box to this competitor. From this window, you can make any adjustments you see fit to individual SKUs.

The ‘Overlap’ column shows the percentage of buy box overlap you are sharing with your competitor. This simply means you have the Buy Box for a period of time before it switches to your competitor. It will eventually come back around and you will own the Buy Box again.

With ‘Theirs vs My FBA’, we can see the split between your competitors SKUs that are FBA and your SKUs that are FBA.

Finally, the ‘Average Price’ column shows the competitors average sales price per SKU.

Losing on Lowest Price


With the ‘Lowest Price’ column, you can check which SKUs are losing to the competition on lowest price. Click on the SKUs column to access this SKUs by competitor and be brought to the product page to make any individual adjustments. You can also view and access which SKUs are overlapping with the competition, as well as view FBA details and the competitor’s average lowest price per SKU.

Target Competition

This is where Competitor Insights can power more sales. Using the ‘Target Competition’ feature, you can create multiple unique rules, and strike back at your competitors. Think of this compete rule as a sub-rule which is bolted onto your existing rules.


By clicking on ‘Target Competition’, the ‘Create Competitor Rules’ box will open. From this menu, you can create your own unique compete rule to specifically target this competitor.

In the ‘Repricer Rule’ field, you can add your compete rule to a single existing rule, multiple rules or leave empty to add it to all of your rules.

With ‘Marketplace Rule’, your current selected marketplace is set. You have the option of including other marketplace channels.

With ‘Rule Placement’, you can select in what order this rule will be read when an event takes place.

Users can also create rules based on pricing, FBA settings, Stock levels, Stock age, Shipping, etc. Use a combination of the settings to set unique and laser focused rules.


When you are happy with the details you have entered, click on the ‘Create complete rules for …’ button to put your rule into action.

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