Xsellco Helpdesk

Create and Manage Folders

Using folders is one of the great ways to organize your inbox in Xsellco, and give your customer support process more structure. By creating rules to assign folders to certain agents, or automatically send messages into folders, you can keep your team working with maximum efficiency!

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Creating and using Xsellco Snippets

Xsellco Snippets help you provide faster and more personal responses by allowing you to quickly insert customer details such as name, Order ID, and other text snippets.  To access them simply type # and the available options will be presented. Your Xsellco Helpdesk has a set of predefined smart tags, but you can also create as many of your own custom tags as you like.

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Video: Email forwarding in Office 365

Follow this handy step by guide video guide to start sending and receiving your Outlook, Exchange, Hotmail or MSN messages within your Xsellco dashboard.

We also have a written version of this video guide, which you can find here.



If you have any questions regarding your email channel setup, contact our dedicated support team at support@xsellco.com.