XSellco Swift: A User Guide

XSellco Swift enables Amazon sellers to streamline the order management and shipping process for Prime and non-Prime products on multiple Amazon channels.

The benefits of using XSellco Swift to manage your shipment process include:

  • Receiving quotes for shipping from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers.
  • Printing all shipping and packaging labels and slips required under Amazon guidelines.
  • Direct communication with Amazon through the Buy Shipping API.
  • Automatic notification of impending order deadlines, allowing you to stay on top of all shipping departures.
  • Automation of specific tasks for shipping by creating unique rules for individual SKUs or approved shipping carriers.

Learn how to use XSellco Swift to manage your orders and shipping for Amazon Prime and non-Prime products in this step-by-step guide.

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Connect an Invoice or Label Printer to XSellco

XSellco uses Google Cloud Print to print invoices and labels for your printers, wherever they are located. Simply:

  • Create or sign in to a Google account if your company email is not hosted by Google
  • Install the Google Chrome internet browser on a PC that can access your printers
  • Use Chrome > Settings > Advanced Settings > Google Cloud Print > Manage, to add your printers
  • Share the printer with cloudprint@xsellco.com
  • Email support@xsellco.com and we will approve the connection of the printer to your XSellco account

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