Price Manager Configuration

Assigning specific rules to individual products

Having the flexibility to create customized rules for certain products is one of the advantages of using XSellco Repricer. Simply create your rule and assign specific rules to individual products in minutes using either the dashboard filters or the Bulk Upload feature.

If you aren’t sure how to create a rule, follow this quick guide to get your rule set up, and then come back to learn how to apply it to individual or sets of products.

In this guide you will learn how to: 

  • Assign rules using Bulk uploads
  • Assign rules using filters

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Using Bulk Uploads

The Bulk Uploads feature in Repricer allows you to download product information for all of your inventory and edit or update your pricing in bulk, as often as you like. This is an easy way to add min and max pricing for individual products before creating a repricing rule, or to add repricing rules to your products all in one go.

Every time you add new products to your inventory, they will automatically be pulled into the next template that you download.

For customers on the Ultimate plan, this is the easiest way to add your product cost prices, shipping costs and pick and pack costs so you can have total control over the profit you make on every sale.

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Assigning a repricer to your inventory

Once your inventory is imported into XSellco Repricer, you can assign a repricer to start repricing your recently imported products.

Note: To get you up and running quickly, we have created default repricing rules which you can choose from. If you wish to create your own rule for this channel or edit the default rules to suit your strategy, you will need to do this before assigning a repricer.

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Creating a repricing rule

XSellco Repricer combines the ability to create flexible rules with the right data so you can gain control over your pricing like never before. Repricer lets you reprice according to all possible marketplace conditions, to let you win the Buy Box against every type of rival.

You can create as many rules as you like to target specific products, markets and competitors. Once you have created a repricer rule, you can assign a repricer to any channel or add specific rules for individual products using Bulk Uploads or dashboard filters.

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Create a repricing rule that you can assign to any product range or channel.
  • Create a rule to target competitor conditions.

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How to integrate Linnworks with XSellco

The integration with Linnworks allows online sellers to quickly access details that will speed up and improve the customer support experience. By aligning customer support teams with inventory and fulfillment, you can streamline your communication process and have more efficient workflows.

The benefits for connecting each product are as follows:

XSellco Fusion: allows you to view Linnworks order details and speed up customer support responses.

Price Manager: view all product details and have a clear view on your products and make accurate adjustments to your pricing strategy .

High5: pull in new customer orders and increase your database of customers from whom you can request feedback. Continue reading

How Amazon repricing works – XSellco Price Manager

Amazon is the world’s most competitive marketplace.

To rise above the competition and become a successful Amazon business, most online sellers use automated Amazon repricing tools.

Repricers will instantly adjust the price of your products to ensure the optimum price depending on the competitive environment and the conditions or rules you have set.

This article explains how XSellco Price Manager calculates and assigns the price for your products.

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‘Reports’ in Price Manager – User Guide

‘Reports’ in XSellco Price Manager allows you to identify actionable insights to help you beat your competition and win the Buy Box more often.

Identify products that could be sold at a higher profit, monitor sales increases and decreases and determine changing sales trends for your products.

Quickly access and download key information about your sales performance, and use the insights from these reports to refine your repricing and sales strategies.

With ‘Reports’, you can access key data on a number of aspects of sales, including sales velocity, historical performance by product, SKUs that have and have not sold in the past seven days, out-of-stock listings, FBA listings and much more.

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‘Tracking’ in Price Manager – User Guide

XSellco Price Manager includes a powerful feature called ‘Tracking’ – which allows you to see the price movements of your SKUs over time, Buy Box ownership, detailed insights of each of your SKUs, and much more.

Identify trends in your price changes, how your competitors react to your price changes, and your percentage of Buy Box ownership versus your competitors.

With this valuable information, you can then adjust your repricing strategy to own the Buy Box more often.

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