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How Amazon repricing works – XSellco Price Manager

Amazon is the world’s most competitive marketplace.

To rise above the competition and become a successful Amazon business, most online sellers use automated Amazon repricing tools.

Repricers will instantly adjust the price of your products to ensure the optimum price depending on the competitive environment and the conditions or rules you have set.

This article explains how XSellco Price Manager calculates and assigns the price for your products.

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‘Reports’ in Price Manager – User Guide

‘Reports’ in XSellco Price Manager allows you to identify actionable insights to help you beat your competition and win the Buy Box more often.

Identify products that could be sold at a higher profit, monitor sales increases and decreases and determine changing sales trends for your products.

Quickly access and download key information about your sales performance, and use the insights from these reports to refine your repricing and sales strategies.

With ‘Reports’, you can access key data on a number of aspects of sales, including sales velocity, historical performance by product, SKUs that have and have not sold in the past seven days, out-of-stock listings, FBA listings and much more.

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‘Tracking’ in Price Manager – User Guide

XSellco Price Manager includes a powerful feature called ‘Tracking’ – which allows you to see the price movements of your SKUs over time, Buy Box ownership, detailed insights of each of your SKUs, and much more.

Identify trends in your price changes, how your competitors react to your price changes, and your percentage of Buy Box ownership versus your competitors.

With this valuable information, you can then adjust your repricing strategy to own the Buy Box more often.

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