ReplyManager Tips & Tricks

Step by step user guides for ReplyManager

Creating Rules and Assigning Messages to Agents or Folders

ReplyManager Rules help organise your inbox and assign messages to the correct folder.

A rule is an action that ReplyManager takes automatically on an arriving or sent message that meets the conditions that you specify in the rule. The ‘Usage Conditions’ that you have set, will match the ticket to your selected criteria and will automatically filter messages into the next step of required actions.
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Using ReplyManagers Reports

ReplyManager’s report dashboard provides visual performance graphs that depict your business’s support services.

The graphs analyse and report on feedback performance and your company’s compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). The data will help you identify areas of success and where there is need for improvement. The graphs can be exported to an image format, or presented in spreadsheet or pdf form to share with your team members.
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ReplyManager Folders

Folders allow you to organise your inbox and increase the efficiency and quality of your customer responses.

Folder Groups are used to categorize incoming messages that relate to a particular business area, so that your agents can identify and resolve issues quickly and accurately. Folders are used to highlight specific issues such as ‘Refund’, ‘Damaged products’, ‘Late shipment’ etc.

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