ReplyManager Tips & Tricks

Step by step user guides for ReplyManager

Setting SLA Targets

There are two types of SLA timers, company SLAs and marketplace SLAs. They are the designated amount of time allowed to respond to customers.

A company SLA is the designated amount of time you have allowed to respond to customers and is designed with your normal business hours in mind. The SLA response timer will only countdown during office hours and pauses outside of office hours.
Marketplace SLAs are calculated using the marketplaces default SLA response timer. These however do not take your business hours into consideration. Amazon for example, expects its sellers to respond to customers within 24 hours of receiving the message.
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Creating Email Signatures

What are email signatures? An email signature is text added to the end of any email message that you send.

Email signatures are typically used to provide the recipient with information about the sender such as name, contact number, often workplace or website URL. ReplyManager allows you have a different email signature for each channel you have connected to your inbox.
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Adding a Teammate to ReplyManager

Adding teammates to your ReplyManager inbox encourages improved team collaboration.

When you add a teammate they can log into your ReplyManager inbox using their email address, they then become part of your team. Building a team means you can have a group of people with a broad range of knowledge and skills and be able to offer your customers top quality customer support.
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