High5 Configuration

How to integrate Linnworks with XSellco

The integration with Linnworks allows online sellers to quickly access details that will speed up and improve the customer support experience. By aligning customer support teams with inventory and fulfillment, you can streamline your communication process and have more efficient workflows.

The benefits for connecting each product are as follows:

XSellco Fusion: allows you to view Linnworks order details and speed up customer support responses.

Price Manager: view all product details and have a clear view on your products and make accurate adjustments to your pricing strategy .

High5: pull in new customer orders and increase your database of customers from whom you can request feedback. Continue reading

How To Customize XSellco’s User Interface

XSellco’s interface streamlines your navigation, making it more intuitive and responsive.
Fusion, High5 and Price Manager customers can enjoy the benefits of the UI on desktop, mobile or tablet.

You can customize your applications with your company’s branding, and adjust data tables to better suit your business needs.
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Getting Started With High5.

How to get started using XSellco High5 for Feedback Requests

Many thanks for registering for XSellco High5. High5 is the feedback solicitation tool which helps you improve your seller rating through automated intelligent feedback requests on Amazon & eBay.

Step 1: Once signed up for High5, you will be brought to the onboarding wizard:

  1. Select the marketplace channel you wish to add.
  2. In this example, we’ll connect to an Amazon Channel.
  3. Click on the ‘Amazon’ icon and select a channel.

Adding an Amazon High5 channel
4. To authorise High5 to access your Amazon data, read the information and  click ‘Let’s Go’.

Xsellco trust message
5. You will now be prompted to login to your Amazon account to confirm authorisation

Step 2:

Log in to Seller Central to authorize High5.

  • Read the terms & conditions and tick the boxes. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Authorize step 1

4. Click ‘Continue’ to finish the authorization process.

Authorize step 2

Step 3: You will now be brought to the High5 onboarding wizard. Simply follow the steps in the wizard to set up your first channel.

Add email to the ‘Approved Senders’ list on Amazon.

Add email to Amazon

Step 4 – Click ‘Finish’. Once finished, you will return to the High5 onboarding wizard where you can add more channels or start using High5.

Great job, you’re all set to start using High5!

Visit our Help Centre to learn more about using High5.

Got some questions about marketplace setup? We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch with us at support@xsellco.com.

Using Advanced Options and Filters

After creating your new message template, you can set conditions and variables that determine when a message is sent with the advanced options and filter options. For example, you can set rules that insure a message of apology is sent to a customer whose order has been reported delayed or damaged. Alternatively you can set rules that insure messages are not sent, (e.g. messages are not sent to a customer who has previously given negative feedback). You can see from the screen below the list of criteria is extensive and offers you complete control and confidence that you will be sending the right message. Continue reading

Activating Default Rule to Start Requesting Feedback

One of the most exciting functionality features of High5 is its ability for you to intuitively customise your feedback requests by setting up rules so as to make sure you send the best message to the right customer. You can read about how to create new templates and rules using our advanced options and filters, but for your convenience we have made a default message that you can simply turn on and start using right away.

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Connect Amazon accounts


To start using High5, you need to link your marketplace accounts. If you are logging into High5 for the first time, we have a set-up wizard that will guide you through the process. To connect marketplace accounts manually, click Settings on the top navigation bar, and then click on Marketplaces on the left hand side.

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