How To Customize XSellco’s User Interface

XSellco’s interface streamlines your navigation, making it more intuitive and responsive.
Fusion, High5 and Price Manager customers can enjoy the benefits of the UI on desktop, mobile or tablet.

You can customize your applications with your company’s branding, and adjust data tables to better suit your business needs.
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Fusion Chat Integration for your Webstore

Learn how to add a WebChat widget to your website or webstore and strengthen your customer relationships with XSellco Fusion

Building a WebChat widget for your website is easy. Create the pop-up form, embed it in your website, and you’re ready. The pop-up form functions both as a Contact Form and as a live WebChat portal. When you’re offline, customers can leave a message using the contact form. When online, the customer can speak to you and your team in real time.

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Sales Insights: A User Guide

‘Sales Insights’ allows Fusion users to proactively reach out to customers when orders are received.

The feature shows a list of your sales in chronological order, and allows you to create a customer support ticket on any order.

Viewing all of your recent sales activity in one place can be extremely useful. The major benefit of ‘Sales Insights’ is the ability to send messages directly to customers who have recently purchased products.

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Connect an Invoice or Label Printer to XSellco

XSellco uses Google Cloud Print to print invoices and labels for your printers, wherever they are located. Simply:

  • Create or sign in to a Google account if your company email is not hosted by Google
  • Install the Google Chrome internet browser on a PC that can access your printers
  • Use Chrome > Settings > Advanced Settings > Google Cloud Print > Manage, to add your printers
  • Share the printer with
  • Email and we will approve the connection of the printer to your XSellco account

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Create a Customer Contact widget

Learn how to build a Customer Contact widget to support your website or web store customer queries through XSellco Fusion in this guide.

Building a Customer Contact widget for your website is easy. Create the form, embed it in your website, and you’re ready. Let’s go through the process, step-by-step.

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XSellco’s new Sales dashboard – A User Guide

Your new Sales Dashboard – What it does and how to use it.

What does the dashboard do?

It provides an overview of all your sales & order activity. The data is displayed in interactive charts and graphs. These tools allow you to track sales activity by looking at your busiest and quietest times. You can identify patterns and trends in the data. It’s useful for troubleshooting, resource planning and business forecasting.

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Enable WSDL Cache in Magento

To Enable WSDL Cache in Magento follow these steps

  1. Login to admin panel.
  2. Go to System > Configration > Services >Magento Core API
  3. Select ‘yes’ to Enable WSDL Cache.

Your Magento API will now run significantly faster