Email Forwarding in Gmail

Setting up email forwarding can be tricky. If you are having issues setting up forwarding in your Gmail account, simply follow the steps outlined below so that you can start receiving messages in your XSellco Help Desk.

We’ve also created a step by step video version of this guide, which you will find at the bottom of the post.

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How to integrate Linnworks with XSellco

The integration with Linnworks allows online sellers to quickly access details that will speed up and improve the customer support experience. By aligning customer support teams with inventory and fulfillment, you can streamline your communication process and have more efficient workflows.

The benefits for connecting each product are as follows:

XSellco Fusion: allows you to view Linnworks order details and speed up customer support responses.

Price Manager: view all product details and have a clear view on your products and make accurate adjustments to your pricing strategy .

High5: pull in new customer orders and increase your database of customers from whom you can request feedback. Continue reading