Creating auto-responses and reminders

Using auto-responses and reminders in your Xsellco Helpdesk allows you to make sure that no query ever goes unanswered. Xsellco’s smart auto-responder with time delay makes it look like a real human reply, so you can automatically respond to queries without losing the human touch. For Amazon sellers, this feature avoids auto-responses being detected by Amazon, so you can maintain perfect response metrics even while you’re off the clock!

Setting up auto-responses

  1. Go to your Messages dashboard and select Templates in the left side menu.Email_templates
  2. Select Add Message Template in the top left corner.
  3. Enter a template name, and select Auto-replies only in the drop down box below. Click Active Template to make sure your auto-reply is enabled.2017-04-27_1724
  4.  In the Message Template section, choose the language of your template, enter a Subject line and type your message. You can use Snippets here to personalize your auto-replies with the customer’s name to make it look even more like a human response.2017-04-28_0929
  5. Scroll down to Autoresponder Options. Here you can choose how much you would like to delay sending your auto-response. Rather than a customer receiving an auto-response instantly, a time delay makes it look more like a human response. This is particularly useful to prevent Amazon from detecting your message as an auto-response.
  6. Next, go to Recurring date & time conditions. This is where you enter specific days and times that your auto-response should trigger.  For example, if you are out of the office for several days in a row, such as weekends, this section will look something like this:
  7. To set an auto-response for specific dates such as holidays, go to One-off date & time constraints. Enter the dates and times that you will be out of the office.To ensure you don’t forget to activate your auto-responder, you can set the dates for all your holidays at once.

  8. Once you are happy with your settings, select Create Channel Message Template. Your auto-responses will be available to edit in the Templates section as shown below:


You can create as many types of auto-responses as you like by following the steps above. To delete a template or auto-response, go to your Templates section, select the template, and uncheck the Active Template box to move it to Inactive.

Setting a reminder

You can close any ticket and set a reminder to reopen the ticket again at a certain date. In the message simply, click Remind me later, and select the date that you would like the message to reopen.


All messages where you have set a reminder will stay in the Later tab in your left side menu until they are reopened, in which case they will appear again in your Open messages.

In the ticket information, any agent will see that the message has been reopened, and who set the reminder.


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Create your Magento API Credentials

Before integrating your Magento webstore with Xsellco, you will need to provide your API Username and Password. This is what will allow us to send outgoing messages on behalf of your Magento account.

In order to create your API credentials in Magento, you will need to first create a Webservice Role and then a Webservice User.

1. Create a Web Service Role

  • In your Magento Admin Panel, select System > Web Services > SOAP/XML RPC – Roles.
  • Click the ‘Add New Role’ button in the top right corner.
  • In the Role Info tab, enter a Role Name. You can choose any name here, like ‘API Access’ for example.
  • In the panel on the left, select the ‘Role Resources’ tab.
  • Select “All” from the Resource Access drop down (This enables us to pull in customer order details, product, and sales information).
  • Click the ‘Save Role’ button in the top right corner when complete.

2. Create a Web Service User

To complete the process, you will need to then create a user.

  • In your Magento Admin Panel, select System > Web Services > SOAP/XML RPC – Users.
  • Click the ‘Add New User’ button in the top right corner.
  • Complete the following fields in the User Info tab:
    • User Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • In the API Key/Password field, enter a secure key/password (any number or letter string that you will remember). This is will be what third-party web services must use to access your Magento store.
  • To confirm your API Key/Password, re-enter the key in the API Key Confirmation field.
  • In the panel on the left, select the ‘User Role’ tab. Then, select the Role which you created in Step 1.
  • Click the ‘Save User’ button in the top right corner when complete.
  • Copy your API Key/Password and paste it into your Xsellco setup under ‘API Password’. Then copy the Username that you entered in the User Info section, and paste it into your Xsellco setup under ‘API Username’.

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