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How to Integrate Twitter with XSellco Fusion

Integrating Twitter with XSellco Fusion allows you to quickly and easily engage with customer queries on Twitter directly from Fusion – empowering you to exceed customer expectations with first class support.

With over 80% of social media customer service requests happening on Twitter, we understand how important it is for you to have the ability to respond customer queries quickly and effectively across all of your channels. You can now actively engage with customers on Twitter, provide exceptional customer service at every interaction and enhance your reputation. Continue reading

Sales Insights: A User Guide

‘Sales Insights’ allows Fusion users to proactively reach out to customers when orders are received.

The feature shows a list of your sales in chronological order, and allows you to create a customer support ticket on any order.

Viewing all of your recent sales activity in one place can be extremely useful. The major benefit of ‘Sales Insights’ is the ability to send messages directly to customers who have recently purchased products.

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Create a Customer Contact widget

Learn how to build a Customer Contact widget to support your website or web store customer queries through XSellco Fusion in this guide.

Building a Customer Contact widget for your website is easy. Create the form, embed it in your website, and you’re ready. Let’s go through the process, step-by-step.

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