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Adding a User

Adding Users in your XSellco Help Desk allows different members of your team to gain access to their own XSellco accounts so that they can tailor settings such as their preferred language, available working hours and Live Chat availability.

Creating different user accounts also enables better team collaboration by allowing agents to assign queries to agents with the right expertise, or automatically route Live Chats to available agents.

Once you have created a user, they can now use their own email to log into the XSellco Help Desk.

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Printing and attaching invoices

If you have integrated your XSellco Help Desk with your order management system like Linnworks or Skubana, your customer invoices will be automatically pulled in with each order. This allows you to get a complete view of all order details, print your customer invoices and attach invoices to messages right within your XSellco dashboard.

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Setting SLA targets

An SLA (Service Level Agreement), establishes the period of time in which your agents should respond to tickets. In your XSellco Help Desk it’s easy to stay on top of your target response times with the SLA counter, which prioritizes tickets based on how long you have left to respond before breaching your targets.

SLA counter in message dashboard

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Using Inbox Filters

Inbox filters are one of the many time saving features in your XSellco Help Desk. Find tickets based on date and time, and attend to important messages like Returns and Cancellations with the click of a button. Granular filters allow you to instantly access certain types of messages for even faster responses and more efficient workflows.

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Creating and using Bookmarks

Bookmarking tickets is an easy way to keep certain queries in one place so that you can access them quickly. Creating Bookmarks allows you to save tickets so that you can attend to them at a later date, or simply keep an eye on a few important queries at one time.

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Using Custom Fields

The custom fields feature in XSellco Help Desk is a handy way to annotate additional notes on any ticket. If you have specific information that would be helpful for agents to know about a customer, you can add these to your list of custom fields and attach them to the customer information section in any ticket. Anyone working on this ticket will then be able to respond even faster, with all the information they need to know about a customer right at their fingertips.

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