Buy Box Predictor: Medium and low likelihood to win Buy Box

The XSellco Buy Box Predictor is a new analytics tool which predicts which of your listings are likely to win the Buy Box. It is available in Plus and Ultimate Repricer packages.

When you click the Medium (orange) and Low (red) icons on the dashboard, it brings you to a list of products which are of medium and low probability to win the Buy Box.

The XSellco Buy Box Predictor (1)


Medium probability (orange) listings:

For orange probability listings it’s likely that you do not need to alter your minimum pricing. It’s likely that you do need to change your competition rules in the XSellco price manager however.

Likely reasons for this are:

  1. Your listing is self fulfilled (FBM) and you have a simple competition rule to match or beat competitors by 0.01. You need to create a rule to beat FBA sellers by a greater amount (e.g. 1.1%)
  2. Your listing is FBA, but currently you are only competing ONLY against other FBA sellers. A self fulfil (FBM) merchant has undercut you significantly.
    You will need to create a rule to go change your pricing to be closer to this type of seller while still being more expensive.
  3. A seller with greater feedback or feedback score has matched your price. Given this sellers superior size and customer service, you need to create a pricing rule to compete differently against large sellers with good customer service.


Low probability (red) listings:

Its likely that you have either:

  1. No repricing configured (repricing rule or min and max)
  2. Your minimum price is above the current Buy Box Price


Where you have no repricer configured, create a pricing rule for these listings to see if these will reprice and move into ‘High Probability’ to win the Buy Box

For listings where the minimum price is above your current Buy Box price, it is up to you to decide if you want to change your minimum price, as the Buy Box Price may owned by a seller selling below cost and a better strategy is to wait until they sell out.

As you make these changes you can assess the impact over time with two different trend analysis graphs available on your dashboard.

Buy Box predictor trend:

Buy Box Predictor Medium and Low likelihood to win Buy Box (3)


As you make changes to how you compete, there should be a correlation showing an increase in the proportion of listings which have a high likelihood to win the buy box.

In addition there is also a Buy Box ownership trend graph for your fast moving products, showing the trending of the amount of buy box you are winning.

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