Assigning specific rules to individual products

Having the flexibility to create customized rules for certain products is one of the advantages of using Xsellco Repricer. Simply create your rule and assign specific rules to individual products in minutes using either the dashboard filters or the Bulk Upload feature.

If you aren’t sure how to create a rule, follow this quick guide to get your rule set up, and then come back to learn how to apply it to individual or sets of products.

In this guide you will learn how to: 

  • Assign rules using Bulk uploads
  • Assign rules using filters

Assign rules using Bulk Uploads

If you have a set of SKUs that you would like to apply a rule to, the Bulk Uploads feature is the quickest way to do this. Using the csv. template, you can keep control of your repricing strategy by seeing exactly which rules have been applied to certain products and edit everything in one simple spreadsheet. Once you upload your file, all your products will be repriced according to the rules you have set.

  1.  In your Repricer dashboard, go to Products and select Bulk Actions in the top left corner.
  2. Select Download CSV template.2017-05-22_1232
  3. You will be given an option of how you would like to open the file. To fill out the file, it is best to open it in Excel (or a similar application). Select Other in the ‘Open With’ drop down, and open the file in Excel, Open Office Calc. or any similar application on your PC.2017-05-19_1226
  4. In your product template, search for the product SKU or marketplace (which you will see in the first two columns) and go to the repricer_name column. Enter the name of the repricer rule you would like to use for a certain marketplace or SKU(s). You can see the names of all your repricer rules in the My Repricers section of your dashboard.2017-05-22_1300
  5. Once you have applied the repricers to your specific products, save your file, go to Bulk Upload and either drag and drop or browse for the file on your PC.2017-05-19_1621
    Depending on how many products you have edited, it can take a couple of minutes for your updates to take effect. As a guide, for every 1000 skus you update, it takes around 1-2 minutes to complete the upload.

Assign rules using filters

Using product filters you can assign a repricer rule to a certain marketplace or set of products that match your filter conditions.

  1. In your Repricer, go to Products and click the dropdown box beside your search bar. Now select Add Filter, this will give you a list of ways that you can filter your products.2017-05-22_1420
  2. You can choose one filter type, or get as granular as you like using multiple filters, by simply selecting the Add Filter button again. In the example below, I have added filters to view only my FBA products on
  3. Select Advanced Search and you will be presented with the products that match your filters. Now, go to the top of the page and select Bulk Actions > Assign a Repricer, and choose which repricing rule you would like to apply using the drop down box.
  4. Select Assign repricer to selected items, so that your selected inventory will be repriced accordingly.
  5. Now select Assign Repricer.
  6. The products you selected are now set up with this specific repricing rule. You can add or edit new repricing rules at any time in the My Repricers section of your dashboard.

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