Adding a User

Adding Users in your Xsellco Helpdesk allows different members of your team to gain access to their own XSellco accounts so that they can tailor settings such as their preferred language, available working hours and Live Chat availability.

Creating different user accounts also enables better team collaboration by allowing agents to assign queries to agents with the right expertise, or automatically route Live Chats to available agents.

Once you have created a user, they can now use their own email to log into the Xsellco Helpdesk.

Creating a user

    1. Go to the right side of the main navigation bar and click Add > Add Channel

Adding a Teammate

  1. Enter the User’s name and the email address they will be using to log into Xsellco. Your new teammate will be sent an invitation (to the email address you provided) to join your Xsellco account.
  2. If the User is in a different time zone, you can set this yourself, or allow Xsellco to automatically detect the time zone based on where they are when they log into their account.
  3. Set the User’s preferred language, so that their Xsellco dashboard will be visible in their native language. By setting this, all auto-translated messages will be translated into the agent’s preferred language. The agent can edit their preferred language at any time in their own settings.

Setting Live Chat availability

Each agent will now be able to set their own available working hours to determine when they would like to appear as Available on Live Chat.

Once your agent is logged into their own account, follow the steps outlined in this article under ‘Set your Live Chat availability’, to set Live Chat availability for individual agents.

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