XSellco update – What’s new in Fusion, Price Manager, High5 & ReplyManager

Over the last couple of months, xSellco HQ has been a hive of activity. We’ve been working like bees – making tons of enhancements to all of our products.

We’re always listening and communicating with our customers and constantly looking at ways to improve our solutions. As a result, we’ve made updates to all of our products and wanted to fill you in on anything you may have missed.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the bigger improvements and features we added across our suite of products. Use the links below if you wish to quickly jump to your product or else scroll down to see all the new features.

  1. xSellco – All Products
  2. Fusion
  3. Price Manager
  4. High5
  5. ReplyManager


1. xSellco – All Products

New UI

We’ve given Fusion, Price Manager, and High5 a new coat of paint with a focus on enhancing the user experience. The new interface allows for quicker, more intuitive navigation throughout the applications and is more responsive when accessing from a mobile or tablet. You can customise the interface colour system to better reflect your company’s branding, as well as customize data tables to suit your needs. If you haven’t already turned on the New UI, view our User Guide to learn how to switch it on.

Product Tours

New to xSellco is the ability to access tours on key pages within the software. The tours guide you around the screen and provides detailed information on each important component on the screen. Access these tours by clicking “Help” on the top right of each screen and selecting “Take a page tour” from the drop down menu if available.

2. Fusion – New Features & Improvements

Folder System

Fusion now has the ability to create ‘Folder Groups’ and ‘Folders’. Folder Groups and Folders allow you to quickly access and organise large volumes of support messages and locate tickets based on ticket type and query. Then, using ‘Rules’, assign tickets to the individual folders, and assign Labels and Agents based on ticket conditions.


Rules are critical for sorting tickets into folders, adding labels and assigning agents. By creating automated rules for incoming tickets, you can assign tickets seamlessly to folders and support agents – ensuring your Fusion inbox is organized clearly and quickly. After a rule is created and a new support ticket arrives, an action will be triggered assigning the ticket to a designated folder and team member(s).

Social Media Integrations

As social media is becoming one of the most popular platforms for customer support, we’re delighted to provide the ability to engage with customers on Facebook and Twitter directly from Fusion. With Facebook and Twitter’s simple integration process, connect your accounts easily and start responding to customers messages in a matter of minutes. Visit our Facebook & Twitter user guides to learn how to connect your social media channels to Fusion.

Allegro Integration

With our Allegro integration, support teams can now view the complete sales transactions from Allegro directly within a Fusion message. Fusion’s auto-translation feature automatically detects the language of every email received, and translates it into the agent’s preferred language. Simply reply in your preferred language, and we’ll translate it back into the customer’s language.

Customizable Tables

In Fusion, customize data tables to suit your support needs. Click on the ‘Customize table layout’ button to search and add or remove any columns that you do not require. You can also rearrange columns and have all the necessary information you require right at your fingertips.

Order Assignment

An awesome new feature is the ability for Fusion users to manually associate an order with a ticket. This is extremely useful for tickets relating to issues received via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter channels. Simply open your ticket and click ‘Assign Order’ on the right hand menu. Enter your ‘Marketplace Order ID’ & ‘Marketplace’ and click ‘Save’. This order will now be attached to all correspondence related to this ticket.

Linnworks Invoice Printing

Users can now print Linnworks invoices directly through Fusion. This can be done in two ways.

Firstly, click the ‘Sales’ insights tab in the top nav menu and select your order. Once in the order, click ‘View’ beside ‘Order details’ on the right hand menu. Click ‘Show Linnworks order details’ from the dropdown menu. Once the order details open, select the invoice for printing. If this invoice hasn’t been printed before, you’ll see ‘Print Invoice – Click Here’. If the invoice was printed before, it will display as ‘Invoice – View’. Both options bring you to the printing page. You can also print your invoice directly from a ticket. In a ticket, again click ‘View’ and select ‘Show Linnworks order details’. Follow the directions above to print. Click here to learn more about integrating with Linnworks

Desktop Notifications

Turning on Desktop Notifications for all incoming tickets means you’ll never miss another ticket when they arrive in your dashboard. Enabling notifications allows you to be notified of ‘All incoming tickets’ or ‘Only tickets that I’m assigned to’. Turn on desktop notifications using the pop-up box within the app or else go to ‘Settings’, ‘Account Settings’ and scroll to the desktop notification box and select your preferred option.


Try out xSellco Fusion free for 14 days. Click here to start your trial of the Help Desk.



3. Price Manager – New Rule, Filter & Column

‘Last Sale’ Rule & Filter

A new addition to Price Manager is the ability to use ‘Last Sale’ as a search filter and competitor rule. Using the search filter, pose search queries such as, for example, “show me all of the listings sold more than 5 hours ago”, “show me all of the listings sold less than two days ago”, etc. Use this information to make informed decisions about your prices and stock levels. Users can also use ‘Last Sale’ as part of a competitor rule (‘more than/less than’). There’s lots of ways to use this new competitor rule such as raising prices on SKUs that are selling well, compete against competitors whose stock is not moving, set prices to move out-of-date stock quickly, and so on.

‘Reason’ Column

‘Repricing Events’ now includes a new column called ‘Reason’. ‘Reason’ lets you know why there was a price change on your SKU .i.e. what repricing and competitor rules were applied. This insight allows you to tweak your repricing strategy by reconfiguring a rule, setting new conditions, cloning rules across other channels, deleting a rule and much, much more.

Customizable tables

Price Manager has also been equipped with customizable data tables. Add additional columns such as Last Sale, ASIN, SKU, Sales Rank, Stock, and more or remove columns to simplify your overall view. Pick up and move columns and rearrange them to your liking. It’s completely up to you how you customize your table.

Price Alerts

A price alert is a new feature in the dashboard that allows Price Manager users to view their listings that have a minimum price bound which is currently higher than the lowest price for the ASIN; thus, notifying them of SKUs which are not priced competitively. Users can also filter by those SKUs with or without price alerts using the search facility.


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4. High5 – Updated Rule Conditions

When to send

In the ‘Rules’ & ‘Message’ section of High5, we’ve added a new condition to the ‘When to send’ option. We’ve added-on an extra condition – “but not more than X days after that”. This new option allows you to configure your rule and only send the messages during a designated period of time allowing you to consistently target the right customers, at the right time.

‘Orders Percentage’ field

Send feedback and product review requests to only a specific percentage of customers? Now with order percentages you can. When in the ‘Create Rules” window, and in advanced options, you’ll find the “Order percentage” field at the end. For example, when creating a rule, you could select a specific product SKU and set the order percentage to 50%. Simply put, this email will only be sent 50% of the time when this SKU is ordered. You could then copy this rule, rename it, select the same product SKU, make minor adjustments to the text and set this new email also to 50%.

Customizable tables

Like Fusion and Price Manager above, you can customize your High5 table to your liking. Add, delete and rearrange columns to suit your requirements using the ‘Customize table layout’ button in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Try High5 free for 14 days. Click here to start your free trial.



5. ReplyManager

New & Improved

Part of the xSellco family of products is ReplyManager. ReplyManager is our simplified email message management tool for online sellers and allows you to manage eCommerce Customer Support for Amazon, eBay & Email channels through a single centralised dashboard. ReplyManager has also received a clean, new user interface and exciting new features have been introduced to make this email message management tool even more powerful and efficient.

Major improvements include;


Try out ReplyManager free for 14 days. Click here to start your free trial.


No matter what xSellco product you are currently using, we hope you find these new features extremely useful and beneficial. If you have any questions or queries about any of the product features above, feel free to contact me directly at colm.barry@xSellco.com or one of our support team at support@xSellco.com.

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