How to win at customer support on social media [webinar]

Many online sellers are struggling to support the ‘always on’, 24/7 customer.  The customer is ever-present over multiple channels and marketplaces. The idea of ‘Out of Hours’ is now non-existent. The online shopper has high expectations for support on social and we intend to help you to delight your customer by exceeding those expectations.

In our webinar, Lisa Byrne, eCommerce Support Specialist at xSellco, analyzes current customer trends and behaviors on social media to give you the scoop on how great customer experiences on social will grow your business. She examines where support on Facebook and Twitter is currently failing your customer and shows you the skills and tools you can use to outpace your competitors.

About the Webinar

About Lisa Byrne

Lisa is an online retail entrepreneur with an eye for identifying consumer trends. She shares her latest experiences and eCommerce insights with online sellers to help nurture their customers and propel their business.


Discover how you can ace customer support on social media

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