Unlock your selling potential with Chad Rubin [Webinar]

An Inside Look at How a Top 250 Amazon Seller Built an Eight Figure Business

Amazon top 250 seller and eCommerce tech entrepreneur, Chad Rubin joined xSellco for a masterclass on how to transform a product idea into an eight figure automated eCommerce business.

Chad shared an inside look at his proven business approach, by outlining a three step process of discovery, validation and execution, to help online sellers expand their business and increase profits. During the webinar Chad interacted with attendees who asked him the fundamental questions that matter to online sellers.

About the Webinar:

Chad Rubin:

Chad Rubin builds eCommerce businesses. Fresh out of college and Wall Street, he took his family vacuum business online and built his own direct to consumer e-commerce business called Crucial Vacuum. He grew it from 0 a $20 million dollar valuation in just 7 years. He happens to be a top 250 Amazon seller. He co-founded Skubana with DJ Kunovac and built one of e-commerce’s hottest operational softwares.


Skubana is a beautiful, intelligent, and highly intuitive eCommerce software and incorporates every feature imaginable to drive future success in the eCommerce world. It has every feature that a seller needs under one roof: Order Fulfillment, Multi-Channel Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vendor Management, Accounting, Analytics and more.

xSellco has a bespoke integration with Skubana that allows you to see your product inventory and customer support activity in the one place.



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