See the full picture: customer support with XSellco Fusion

We recently explained how the key features of xSellco Fusion will save you time.

Now it’s time to look at how you can measure customer support performance in xSellco Fusion.

There are four key areas in the dashboard that will give you an overview of your customer support team’s performance and insights into how you can improve your strategy:

Let’s look at how xSellco Fusion powers multichannel support in each of these areas [click on the images below to view in full size].

Analyze your Message Flow

Find your incoming and outgoing message volume, tickets by channel, tickets per order, feedback ratings, unresolved tickets and most used labels in the Fusion Overview.

Optimize your Support Hours

See what times of the day and week you receive the most queries, and allocate your support staff to tackle the busy periods. You can also see most common query types, tickets by channel, and most used Labels.

This data will help you make more informed decisions about how you manage customer support.

Measure Performance

Timely responses mean happy customers. See how your customer support is performing in terms of first and average response times, how many tickets are meeting marketplace SLAs and improving your seller rating, what languages do you support most often.

See your Support Stars

In the Teams tab, you can see your customer support team’s performance broken down individually.

With this information, you can see who your top performers are, and invite them to share best practices with the team so you can improve overall team performance.

See how many messages they process, how well they help each other via internal notes, and their average handling times.

Now we’ve covered the key features of the xSellco Fusion dashboard that will turn your customer support process into a well oiled machine, let us take your customer support to the next level.