Repricing series 2/3: master repricing [webinar]

Repricing series 2/3: master repricing [webinar]

Interested in knowing how repricing really works? Then this is the perfect webinar for you.

In our first of our three-part webinar series, I introduced the world of repricing and how it benefits Amazon sellers. Now it’s time to take a closer look at how you can make a repricer work for you.

In the upcoming webinar, I’ll be talking about the factors you can use to influence your prices, including:

  • FBA vs non-FBA
  • Feedback Ratings vs Ratings Percentage
  • Domestic vs Foreign Sellers
  • Introduction to Repricing with Price Manager

Join me on Wednesday, 4 May at 11am EST/4pm BST to learn more about how to win the Buy Box with Repricing.

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Josie Grant

Josie is Head of Partnerships at XSellco, a rapidly growing SaaS company that provides solutions to the eCommerce community. Having also previously worked as Head of Customer Success, Josie provides sellers with proven, practical tips on Amazon repricing, multichannel customer support and feedback maximisation.

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