Prosper Show 2016: A place of learning for Amazon sellers

The xSellco team had the pleasure of attending an exciting US-based conference for Amazon sellers, The PROSPER Show, in Salt Lake City, Utah in February 2016.

The conference is the brainchild of James Thomson, an ex-Amazonian that served as the Business Head of Selling on Amazon. He, along with three other partners, set out to use education as a means of helping online sellers develop more efficient and profitable organizations. But what made it unique was its panel-based format comprised of handpicked industry experts, many of which are competitors, and none of which paid to play. It’s an exciting new format that we were delighted to be a part of.

ReplyManager co-founder and xSellco’s VP of North American Sales Jodi Gaines Pereira participated in the “Using Feedback to Build Your Reputation on Amazon” panel and Head of Commercial Rob Hewitt spoke about “Repricing to Drive Profitable Sales.”

The conference boasted 725 attendees comprised of Amazon sellers, sponsors and speakers – an impressive feat considering it was their first time out of the gate.

Topics ranged from feedback, repricing, private labeling, selling a business, inventory management, product sourcing, diversifying your business beyond Amazon, retail arbitrage, social media and SEO, VAT and tax compliance and a keynote about The Amazon Way from John Rossman, co-founder of the Amazon Marketplace.

xSellco’s Rob Hewitt and Josie Grant at the Prosper Show 2016.

Popular themes at the Show included:

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