A New Year means new features


With a new year upon us, we felt like this was the perfect time to release some amazing new features to our Fusion CRM software that makes dealing with customer feedback even easier.

We have now added support for Magento, Etsy, Rakuten & Webstore emails to xSellco Fusion CRM, meaning you can handle even more of your customer feedback from directly within xSellco, as well as launching Fusion Mobile, which allows you to deal with customer queries anytime, anywhere.

Added marketplace support

Say goodbye to the headache of logging into different accounts.

You can now handle all your customer support, regardless of channel through your xSellco Fusion dashboard! This means that we now support all generic e-mails, Magento, Etsy & Rakuten as well as support for your own Webstore!

Go to your settings page and you’ll notice new options in your marketplaces: Magento and e-mails, as well as an ‘other’ tab, where you can add your remaining channels.

Once you’ve done the quick set-up you will only ever have to log in to your xSellco account to see all your messages.

Additionally, we have now added integrations with ChannelAdvisor, which can be activated when adding any of your channels.


Fusion goes mobile

Ever wished you could respond to your customer messages on the go?

Well now you can! Fusion Mobile is now live and ready for your smartphone, so you can respond to messages whenever and wherever you happen to be!

You can now stay connected to your customers and access all incoming mail – even when you’re away from your desktop. Just log in on your phone and go to https://dashboard.xSellco.com/mobile.

With a clean and simple UI, you can now navigate through your correspondence with ease, so none of your customers are ever waiting on a response.


Be sure to configure some templates so you can respond to queries with just two clicks.

Add SmartTags(below) to your templates and save yourself the hassle of manually entering specific details.

You can find how to navigate the mobile version in this help guide.


Smart Tags

Another great feature we have added is the ability to use and create Smart Tags. This allows you to insert text snippets when replying to customer questions that will pull in specific customer information. Just type # when replying to access them. Most are predefined but you can also create your own by going into your settings page and clicking ‘My SmartTags’.