Introducing XSellco High5: our brand new product

Following in the footsteps of our Fusion CRM system, we’re delighted to unveil our newest product, xSellco High5. High5 is the first feedback solicitation tool to integrate with Amazon and eBay (as well as Fusion, of course!), allowing sellers to streamline and manage their customer service experience across multiple Amazon and eBay marketplace accounts. With this tool we aim to help marketplace sellers communicate better with their customers and forge those great relationships that lead to repeat purchases.

What is High5?

At its core, High5 allows marketplace sellers to automate their feedback requests across all their channels. This is the first tool of its kind that can integrate with multiple Amazon and eBay accounts. As well as the ability to monitor performance and help improve seller ratings, the time saving benefits offered by High5 make this a must-have tool to complement our Price Manager and Fusion CRM tools. It fully complies with both Amazon and eBay’s policies regarding feedback management, and is designed to help you build the reputation of your brand by giving you the ability to provide a seamless customer experience to all your buyers.

Why do you need High5?

Online shopping has changed the buying habits of customers, but some things have remained the same. The one unshakable fact in this transition is that recommendations from family and friends are still the number one biggest deciding factor for a customer when choosing to buy anything. However, studies have shown that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That’s a lot of people. Too many to ignore.

After price-point and product reviews, your seller feedback score can also influence the customer’s perception of you and affect the likelihood of customers choosing you in the Buy Box. That’s why it’s crucial that you’re able to react and respond to any negative feedback.  As these negative comments are happening in the public domain, it’s important to show that you have an excellent track record in providing quality customer service to address any issues or complaints that arise. Not only does this impress potential buyers, but it also helps with customer retention and increases customer spend, as 66% of customers will spend more with a company that they believe provides excellent service.

Key Features of High5?

Encourage feedback

– With High5 you can automate and schedule emails to be sent to customers to encourage them to leave feedback.  Amazon messages can be fully customised using either plain text or HTML using our in-built editor. This helps drive referrals, increasing your positive feedback scores. After all, your excellence deserves recognition.


Monitor performance

– High5 keeps informed about negative feedback or support issues, providing you with the details of customers comments, their account and order history, giving you instant access to all the customer’s details. This helps you prioritise and plan the best course of action to resolve any issues. High5 also collates all your data and displays it in easy-to-interpret dashboard layout, giving you a complete overview of your feedback performance, seller rating, and a breakdown of customer responses.


Control your message

– High5 has a highly detailed and extensive set of rules and criteria that can be set to insure you send the best message at the right time, personalised for the customer in question. You can set rules detailing when and what message to send depending on customer, region, product, SKU, price – it’s up to you. You can also blacklist fragile products giving you more control over situations that could lead to negative feedback.


You can try it for yourself today by taking a free 14 day trial. Alternatively you can contact us, call us on +353 (0)1 676 0777 to speak to a representative between 9.00am & 5.00pm, or request a demo of High5, and one of our product specialists will set up a time and date that suits you.