Improve customer service on Shopify with an e-commerce help desk

Every 90 seconds, a store using Shopify makes its first sale—meaning that it’s never been more important to provide fast, accurate customer support.

Shopify’s integration with xSellco Helpdesk offers online sellers a way to look at the bigger picture of their company’s growth and solve some recurring problems they experience when aiming to improve customer service.

#1: Connecting sales and support

Firstly, tech issues are a major sore spot for online sellers. These can be anything from server issues to bandwidth issues to glitches in the payment process—all of which slow down the sales process and inevitably lead to dissatisfied shoppers.

Ensuring excellent support during this time can save an online business from losing multiple customers.

With xSellco Helpdesk, Shopify users have access to live support. No matter what query their customer may have, our Live Chat tool helps online sellers instantly communicate with their clients.

Helpdesk also offers interesting insight into customer support queries, so that online sellers can focus on areas that need improvement. Tracking these key metrics, such as response times and message volume, helps users make informed decisions faster.

#2: Providing personalized communication

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce has introduced a world of unique and personalized online shopping experiences.

It can be extremely time-consuming for businesses that receive large volumes of customer queries on a daily basis to write multiple personal responses. At the same time, consumers don’t want to receive robotic responses when shopping online, but rather speak with a “human” on the other end.

Helpdesk takes customer satisfaction and personalization to the next level with its snippets and templates features, which help online sellers send fast, personalized responses to customers in a couple of clicks.

Our snippets feature enables users to quickly access any information to do with a customer and their specific order, whether it be full name, address or order number.

In addition, with the use of Helpdesk metrics, Shopify users might find certain issues that crop up among their customers time and time again. In this case, they can also create default templates to respond to common customer support queries (or make use of xSellco’s suggested templates).

#3: Expanding internationally

Finally, when selling internationally, online sellers need to localize their communication to suit their global customer base.

For Shopify users looking to expand into international markets, Helpdesk also offers auto-translation. This will help them when selling to a wider audience with the power of supporting customers in multiple languages.

Together, Shopify’s integration with xSellco Helpdesk provides a platform for online sellers to develop a multichannel strategy in minutes and improve customer service with its extensive features. You can add your Shopify store to Helpdesk in three simple steps. Got any questions about our Shopify integration? Feel free to contact our support team at


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