Fusion customer contact widget helps support website enquiries

xSellco Fusion can now manage customer queries directly from a website or web store with the new Customer Contact widget.

The free Customer Contact widget allows sellers to design and customize a contact form that can be embedded directly into any website by copying and pasting a small block of code. It’s super easy and allows sellers to match their own branding by changing colours, font, button style, font style and form text.

With this latest feature, xSellco Fusion gives online sellers the ability to effectively manage customer communications from marketplaces, websites and web stores all from one centralized location. And because the Customer Contact widget is front and center on the seller’s website, it helps to improve the overall buyer experience by making the contact form easily accessible.

How it works

The Customer Contact button appears as a floating element on the website. See the bottom right of the webpage below.


How the Customer Contact widget appears on a website

Once this button clicked, a pop-up form presents visitors with an enquiry form (name, address, message – it’s customizable).

Submitted forms are sent directly to the Fusion dashboard for seamless message management and there is no limit on the number of forms that can be created. Best of all, the widget is free to all Fusion customers.

“This widget opens the door to supporting customers in a whole new way and is a big step in the the journey to make xSellco Fusion the world’s best customer support helpdesk tool for online sellers,” said Niall Dawson, our Head of Development. “You can expect our website widgets to grow over the coming year as we continue to build more great features for our customers.”

Looking to get started with the Customer Contact Widget through xSellco Fusion? Download the guide on How to Create a Customer Contact Widget or request a Fusion free trial today.