Increase cross-border profits with a currency management strategy

Managing currency is one of the most challenging aspects of selling abroad.

Currency fluctuations and payment conversions are key parts of the cross-border sales process where money can be saved – or lost.

In our upcoming webinar, Jenny Shao, Head of eCommerce Partnerships at Currencies Direct, will speak about a timely subject – how to successfully overcome these challenges and sell effectively in multiple currencies in the UK and Europe.

You will learn:

This promises to be an intriguing topic as we look at the outcome of UK’s EU referendum on the future of currency management, and how to mitigate risk during currency fluctuation periods.

About Jenny Shao and Currencies Direct

Jenny leads Currencies Directs partnership activities and facilitates more effective payments for businesses selling internationally or sourcing stock overseas.

Jenny manages seller accounts across Europe and the US. Her fluent Mandarin also allows her to deliver a superior service for the growing Chinese market.

Currencies Direct is one the largest currency specialists in the world. They work with thousands of online sellers, helping them to grow in overseas markets with simple and cost-effective foreign exchange solutions. Currencies Direct Collection Accounts allow you to collect foreign currency sales from marketplaces like Amazon.

Learn how to build a currency management plan:

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