One Billion Repricing Events

XSellco processes one billion repricing events in October 2015

Over One Billion repricing events a month

Team xSellco is having a seriously happy Friday. Our leading Amazon Repricer, Price Manager, processed one billion repricing events in October 2015.

The team’s hard work is paying off for Price Manager users.  With one billion repricing events in one month, that’s a whole lot of Buy Box share for our customers. Of course, repricing isn’t just about winning the Buy Box, it’s also about maximising your profits.

Making our customers succeed in highly competitive online marketplaces is our passion. We strive to make our tools – Price ManagerFusion and High5 – the best solutions possible for online sellers.

How Price Manager works

‘Minimum effort, Maximum profitability’ is exactly what Price Manager does for sellers.

Price Manager wins you more business, optimizes product prices and improves net margin in real time. Set up your own competitor rules, apply the price parameters and let Price Manager do the rest. Combining your rules with our tools will help you win the Buy Box and maximize profitability.

Our Ultimate package offers net margin repricing, showing you how much profit you are currently making on each product after all costs are taken into account, and repricing based on how much margin you want to make.

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