5 Features of XSellco Fusion that will save you time

We pride ourselves on the hours of time our helpdesk xSellco Fusion saves online sellers per week. As a helpdesk tailored for eCommerce, the powerful features of xSellco Fusion will help you save hours of time per week and make more sales.

Interested in knowing what they are? See a list of 5 features of xSellco Fusion that help you reduce response times and turn customer queries into sales.

1. Prioritize your Inbox

Organize your incoming messages in the way that makes sense to your business.

When you set the SLAs for each of your channels in Settings, Fusion will prioritize your messages based on urgency and display the time left to SLA breach to the right of your messages.

Now your customer support agents will be able to respond to the most urgent messages first and reduce your customer’s wait for a response.

Improve your marketplace response times, increase your Amazon seller rating and enhance customer experience with Fusion’s prioritized inbox.

2. Templates

All sellers get recurring customer queries, whether it’s returns, refunds, late shipments or that delicate item that breaks three times out of ten.

These issues can be a pain – but not half as much of a pain as constantly writing the same message.

Enter Templates.

Templates are guaranteed to cut your customer support response time. Create a message around a recurring issue, use SmartTags (see point 3) to personalize the message and to pull in relevant order information and save it.

Now, when you go to respond to a message, you will be able to choose this template from the dropdown menu. And Voila! You can create as many Templates as you like. The more Templates you create for common queries, the more time you’ll save in the long run.


3. SmartTags

SmartTags are a really useful feature for customizing and personalizing messages in xSellco Fusion.

Fusion comes with a set of preloaded SmartTags. For example, by using #Consumer_FirstName# in your reply, Fusion will automatically populate this with the customer’s first name.

You can also create and save your own SmartTags too. If there is any small piece of information you find yourself repeating in messages, turn it into a SmartTag and save even more time.


4. Labels

Organize your Fusion messages the way that makes sense to your business. Using Labels, you can classify messages and optimize your customer support process.

Commonly used Label Groups include Issue Types, Buyer Channel, VIP Customers and Country.


Creating your own system of Labels will allow you to analyze the most common issues you encounter. In the Fusion dashboard, you can see the most used labels in a given period.

This will allow you to prioritize recurring issues and help you understand where your business can improve.

5. Multichannel integrations

xSellco Fusion is the helpdesk tailored for eCommerce – and we’ve got the integrations to show it.

We integrate with all the major online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay. Fusion also integrates with the world’s most popular webstore software, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and more.

So you’ve seen the powerful features of xSellco Fusion that can dramatically improve your customer support process. Now try them for yourself.