5 free customer support templates you can start using today

Customer Support Templates you can start using today

As a busy seller, you’re always looking for ways to save valuable time.

When it comes to customer support, response templates are among the easiest ways to do this. You can speed up your response times, resolve issues swiftly and make your customers happier.

You can cut your support agents’ response times by up to 50% by helping them automate high-volume queries with response templates. This will allow them to spend more time on important issues in your business.

Templates also empower to you to respond to customers in just three clicks: open email, choose template, send. It’s that simple.

The last thing you want your customer support team to be doing is wasting time. Writing the same email to customers multiple times per day is painfully inefficient and a huge time waster.

So we’ve analyzed data from our customer support helpdesk xSellco Fusion, and have found the five most recurring messages between a seller and a buyer. They are:

  • Where’s my item?
  • Negative feedback
  • Failed payment
  • Item not delivered
  • Address for returns

To help you tackle these issues quickly and more effectively, we’ve created easy-to-use response templates around these issues that you can start using today.

Customer support response templates are also useful for training in new staff, as they can learn your team’s tone of voice and start using the approved responses for your most common queries.


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