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XSellco Live Chat software brings you closer to your customers.
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The Benefits of XSellco Live Chat

Turn browsers into buyers

Answer questions from website visitors or proactively start conversations using XSellco’s chat trigger feature. Rescue buyers who are hesitating over the Buy Button, and guide them toward purchase completion.

Give your customers a personalized experience

Get in front of your customers and create a one-to-one relationship with them. A positive personalized experience with your brand will lead to happier customers.

Customer information at your fingertips

Arm your agents with vital information. XSellco Live Chat integrates with your webstore to display all order and customer information in the chat window, as well as the website page that initiated the contact.

Solve queries as a team

XSellco Live Chat allows unlimited agents to work on multiple concurrent chats. Agents can seamlessly step in to conversations, helping your support team to resolve problems collaboratively.

Streamline your customer support

By putting you in front of your customers, XSellco Live Chat can reduce the number of incoming support calls and email conversations. With time-saving features such as SmartTags and template responses, you can respond faster, further streamlining your customer support setup.

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