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Always be a step ahead of your competitors. Instantly reprice on Amazon to ensure maximum sales for minimum effort.

Our repricer uses Amazon Web Services to ensure you are repricing at the fastest speed possible. The moment one of your competitors reprices or goes out of stock, we respond immediately to increase your Buy Box chances at the best price. 

Reprice in real time and win the Amazon Buy Box


Sell at higher prices

When you win the Buy Box, xSellco will price up incrementally so you can increase your profit margin and replicate your price changes across all your marketplaces.


Target top competitors

Spy on your top 10 rivals for the Buy Box. See where they are beating you and quickly take action. Analyze the success of each SKU and set rules to compete against other merchants. 


Measure performance

Make smart decisions by measuring key trends that drive your sales. Track the price performance of fast-selling SKUs and adjust your strategy based on data.

Each month xSellco helps grow 11,000+ businesses and manage 5 billion+ repricing events

Win the Amazon Buy Box at the best price, not the lowest price

  • Make smart repricing decisions based on the price and sales history of your products, along with the corresponding Buy Box winner for every SKU. 
  • See who is beating you to the Buy Box and take action to increase your sales. 
  • Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules and target your chosen competitors.
  • Win the Buy Box with intelligent repricing rules that compete with FBA and seller-fulfilled merchants differently.
  • Price up when your rivals run out of stock and adjust your strategy automatically when your inventory runs low. 

As an official developer partner, xSellco is 100% compliant with all Amazon terms of service. 

“We’ll only reprice to win the Buy Box if it’s profitable and our sales have definitely increased since we started using xSellco Repricer.”


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