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Target your competitors with xSellco Repricer and win more profit on the Buy Box

Our Amazon repricer maximizes profit on every sale, by helping you to win the Buy Box at the highest price possible. Set conditions to price up when you own the Buy Box and compete based on your strongest Amazon performance metrics, from seller rating, to stock levels, fulfillment and more. 
Reprice in real-time with xSellco Repricer, so you can react quickly to price changes and beat your competitors to the Amazon Buy Box. 

xSellco Repricer has a proven impact on your long-term business growth


Increase sales by 145%

xSellco customers see an average increase of 145% in Amazon sales in just 30 weeks. Our Amazon repricer replicates your price changes across your other marketplaces, on eBay, Magento, Allegro and more, so you can remain competitive across all your marketplaces.


Target top competitors

Create rules to target sellers that are competing with you for the Amazon Buy Box. Increase prices when you own the Buy Box by setting rules to target competitors based on seller rating, fulfillment, stock levels, and more. 


Measure performance

Grow your business by measuring your Amazon repricer data. Monitor which products have high or low chances of winning the Buy Box. View net-margin and track price performance for each product. Adjust your strategy based on data.

Each month xSellco helps - Grow 10,000+ businesses and manage 5+ billion repricing events

Grow your business with xSellco Amazon repricing software

xSellco automates 5+ billion repricing events each month, giving marketplace sellers more time to focus on growing their business. Our real-time repricing works 24/7, so you can grow your Amazon sales and at higher profit margins, even while you’re off the clock. 

  • Spy on your top competitors and create rules to target individual sellers. 
  • Schedule time specific rules to optimize pricing at peak selling times. 
  • View which SKUs frequently win the Buy Box and know what products are taking up valuable stock room space.
  • Save time by replicating Amazon pricing across your other sales channels.
  • Make informed business decisions with intelligent reports on product performance, competitors and more.
  • Reprice in global markets according to daily Central Bank currency rates.

Our triple check safeguards, ensure you never exceed your min and max prices. 
xSellco is 100% compliant with Amazon’s terms of service. 

“We’ll only reprice to win the Buy Box if it’s profitable, and our sales have definitely increased since we started using xSellco Repricer.”


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