We’re on a mission to make selling more simple.

We build innovative products that allow eCommerce businesses of all sizes to fulfill their potential

xSellco leverages multiple data sources to save you time and money

We optimize your pricing so you can sell more, profitably.

xSellco was founded by internet entrepreneur Ray Nolan, creator of Hostelworld, Coretime, xSellco and chaired Skyscanner, Asavie, WhatClinic and many other successful online businesses.

Ray’s business interests to date share an Innovative use of data to generate sales. This is combined with the value he attributes to providing first-class customer support experiences that bring people back for more.


The eCommerce helpdesk. Use AI power
 and direct connections to everywhere you sell to save big on support costs.


Automatically reprice on Amazon to ensure maximum sales for minimum effort. Win the Buy Box at higher prices.


Get better ratings and more of them with automated intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and more.

Trusted by thousands of online retailers big and small

xSellco has been one of the most transformative customer service decisions we’ve made as a company and the support has been absolutely fantastic since day one and ongoing.
We love xSellco because it saves us so much time. We have reduced average customer response times by 84%.
xSellco changed our business, not only increasing revenue more than 200%, but also giving us key data on how products are performing.
We’d definitely recommend eDesk. It gives you a centralized view of every aspect of the team performance and allows you to plan and prepare for peak seasons.

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