We’re on a mission to make selling more simple.

We build innovative products that allow e‑commerce businesses of all sizes to fulfill their potential

xSellco leverages multiple data sources to save you time and money

We optimize your pricing so you can sell more, profitably.

xSellco was founded by internet entrepreneur Ray Nolan, creator of Hostelworld, Coretime, xSellco and chaired Skyscanner, Asavie, WhatClinic and many other successful online businesses.

Ray’s business interests to date share an Innovative use of data to generate sales. This is combined with the value he attributes to providing first-class customer support experiences that bring people back for more.


xSellco’s model is simple. We put information at your fingertips to allow you give accurate answers to pre and post sales queries. Because the quicker you get back, the happier the customer is, and the more likely they are to buy more. Of course you save big on support costs. We believe it’s possible to save up to 75% on time taken to field support queries.


xSellco created the feedback management tool for online sellers that improves seller ratings and increases the chance of winning the Buy Box. You can add unlimited Amazon, eBay and Trustpilot marketplaces to xSellco at
no extra cost.


xSellco uses Amazon’s own cloud to deliver the quickest and, we believe the best repricing tool for Amazon sellers. And there are more tools on the way. We will continue to empower sellers with new ways to speed processes and
increase profits.

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